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How does the scent candle of the craft candle do?

The candles currently used often emit an unpleasant smell of wax smoke when burned, making people feel uncomfortable. The scented candle we developed can release a variety of scent during the burning process, that is, fresh air, and also eliminate the smell of wax smoke, and does not affect the brightness. Make people feel good. Beautiful and fragrant candles can be made into different scent types and different shapes, such as: rose scent, jasmine, spearmint, sandalwood, etc.; shape made of zodiac, shape, various animal shapes Wait.
The scented candle making process is simple, and only a small improvement in the traditional candle production process can produce a scented candle, and the cost is low, the price is profitable, and the application is wide. It is a family, a temple, a karaoke hall, a birthday cake, etc. Essential food for food. In addition to the production of ordinary candle equipment, the production of scented candles requires the addition of scent masterbatch and equipment.
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