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Why do you want to blow a candle after birthday?


Birthday cakes, blowing candles began in ancient Greece.
    In ancient Greece, people believed in the moon goddess Artemis.
    At her annual birthday celebration, people always put honey cakes and a lot of lit candles on the altar to form a sacred atmosphere to show their special reverence for the moon goddess.
    Later, as time went by, the ancient Greeks began to celebrate the birthday of the moon goddess Artemis, and put cakes and other things on the table and light them on the cake. Candles, and then slowly added a new activity - blow out these lit candles.
    The ancient Greeks believed that the lit candle had a mysterious power. If the child who had made the birthday made a wish in the heart and then blew out all the candles in one breath, then the good wishes of the child would be fulfilled.
    So, the candles and candles on the birthday cake became a small program with auspicious meaning on the birthday party. Later, it gradually developed into a fun activity such as blowing candles at birthday parties or banquets for children, adults and even the elderly.

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